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Attract talent and retain talent to your business to allow you to remove yourself from day-to-day operation. Who do you need to be as an owner to make this happen? Access content to teach you how to be a magnetic owner who people respect and WANT TO work hard for.


Let us walk through with you how to systemize your business. Learn which investments to make in your business at the right time so you are always progressing toward making your business a CASH PRODUCING ASSET, not a job. We teach you how to “think franchise” to make your business “turn-key”


Do you have a toxic business culture? If so, how do you re-engineer it? Culture is one of the top reasons people stay with a company. We teach you how to engineer your own company culture book or “manifesto” AND how to deploy it so your people GET IT and want to create the culture you dream of so you can remove yourself from day-to-day operations.

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People Buy Your Vision

Purpose: People buy into a vision. People want to be part of something. Here is a daring thought. Meet one-on-one with each of your staff and ask what they want out of life. Ready for some funny looks? You will probably get some funny looks. I did this...

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