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Time to Crush

by | Jan 10, 2018 | 0 comments

This post is simple. Wake up every morning saying “time to crush”. Crush what you ask? Crush what it is you have to do that day.

There is a simple switch you can flip in your mind. Turn your life from always being on the defensive to always being on the offensive.

Ready for a truth that will set you free? Your fear is occupying territory that belongs to you. Your fear is just a suggestion. Don’t get me wrong, there is a difference between fear and using wisdom. Wisdom says evaluate opportunities but then make a decision and GO if it will move you more in the direction you want to go.

What happens if it doesn’t work? The worst is you’ll fail, go broke, and have to eat from a soup kitchen for a while. Is that really that bad? The reality is you would find a way to survive and you would have exercised your muscles of saying “TIME TO CRUSH”. Don’t defend. Attack. Attack your goals. Be relentless. Your fear is defeated and it is only a matter of time before you attain what you want. You are strong enough.

If you do fail, here is the major benefit of failing:

You will no longer FEAR it.

If you played it safe and had millions of dollars would you be fulfilled? I can’t say for sure. People respond differently to money based on their beliefs. You will definitely have the opportunity to add some stability to your life. Long term, it’s my belief it doesn’t truly fulfill you like other things can. Keep in mind those millions don’t actually belong to you. Money will come into your life and leave your life so don’t hold it too tight.

I’ve actually found that when I am free to let money leave my hand, I show myself that money doesn’t have control of me, it reinforces my belief that I am a steward and that I should pursue wealth to POSITION MYSELF to be a blessing to others when opportunities arise. What matters most is to CREATE SOMETHING MEANINGFUL TO YOU!

Set yourself free. Be aggressive with what you want. Attack, don’t defend.

About the Author

About the Author

Jason Greschuk is an Award Winning Real Estate Investor, Business Investor, and Author on leadership and building company culture. He is currently doing business in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Jason was recently nominated for the “Young Gun Of The Year Award” through Top Investor Awards (as seen in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine). This is an award of excellence for the outstanding young Investor. This accolade goes to the new industry player under 30 who has best excelled at pushing the envelope with innovation and growth, garnering industry attention and the respect of peers.