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Episode 4: Earning Respect at Work

Guests: ... ... Jason Greschuk is an Award Winning Real Estate Investor, Business Investor, and Author on leadership and building company culture. He is currently doing business in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Jason was...

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Episode 2: Employees (part 2)

Guests: Kristian Zoppa, Ryan Greschuk In the last podcast I referenced the Stratford Price Culture Book, a document I wrote myself about my values in business. Today we blast through a few one liners in the book that talk about my views on...

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Episode 1: Employees (part 1)

Guests: Kristian Zoppa, Ryan Greschuk Are you in a company that relies on staff and people? Today, my company has grown to a size of 20 people and I'm realizing the need to preserve a culture that will motivate people within the company and...

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