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 Helping you build systems and preparing business owner for growth

Let’s be honest

Great Leaders Do More Than Manage

At Business Romance Academy we provide consulting, education and support to unlock the full potential of you and your business.

Because great leaders aren’t figureheads – they’re integral to the function of a business. From effectively leading people to motivating employees to work smarter and more cohesively, we’re here to move your business forward.




Fully Customized Leadership & Management Programs

Our training programs give entrepreneurs, executives, directors, managers and supervisors the skills and knowledge they need to leverage success, wealth and freedom.


Discover how to attract and retain leading talent to fuel your company’s growth and profitability.


Your business is the sum of people’s feelings towards you. Unlock innovative marketing strategies to create emotion.


No business is successful without learning to raise capital and generate consistent sales. We’ll show you how


Whatever you create, we’ll show you how to improve your production processes and create a business that earns more and spends less


Slash your wasted time and create streamlined SOP’s that free up your time to be spent where it’s most valuable.

CEO Coaching

We create leaders, not managers. Our CEO coaching programs are designed to change company culture from the top down.


“Change culture through business by combining extreme skill with irrational love. We insist on clients and partners taking responsibility for their lives, building skills, producing results, stewarding their gifts, and working and living with a sense of duty and love.”

Jason Greschuk



What others are saying about Business Romance Academy 😍

“The Business Romance Academy has a tremendous ability to tap into your personal beliefs and obstacles without a “listen to us because we’re the experts” attitude. They successfully understood our challenges and helped our management tier make considerable strides forward.”

~ Kevin Ziolkoski

“Jason’s Business Romance Specialists challenged me emotionally and forced me to confront my behavior and approach to my business. I’ve found this process engaging and easy to connect with. Highly recommended.”

~ Jeff McLeod

“Jason, your guidance to us all has been invaluable on so many levels. We identified the need to better grow our leadership skills across the board. We now have a standard we can hold ourselves accountable for and would not have experienced the growth we have without the Business Romance Academy.”

~ Jeff Penniston

Our Approach

We Want To Fix a $366 Billion Dollar Mistake

$366 billion.

That’s what’s spent on leadership and management training globally. Yet most of these programs fail to deliver results.

We believe context conquers content, and provide customized strategies to improve your soft skills as a leader, leading to a more predictably profitable business from top to bottom.

Our Business Romance Specialists

Our Business Romance Specialists are the “Navy Seals” of consultants and can help you find the solutions to meet your business needs

4 Easy steps to success


We interview you on your business, do a value stream mapping of the business, and create a project list and a list of courses of action


We combine all learning from Discovery into a proposal with associated pricing and/or partnership offer

Begin Work

We begin the process of working with your staff to tear down business processes and carry out the project list and courses of action


We deliver ongoing support in the form of writing standard operating procedures and training



After becoming paid clients, for those clients who we feel are an amazing alignment with our company purpose and investment strategy, we invest in those companies and create partnerships to help their business and personal life grow and set them up to experience generational wealth.

Let’s Talk About Your Goals

Great change starts with a conversation. Claim a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and weigh up your options.